Constantly Against The Iceberg

High threat level environment,

Operating at the highest levels of which I’m not sure.

I suppose independent groups, terrorist organizations

That Western countries, with they’re big figures, thought could blow our sources

Hundreds of millions in this Galaxy with any signs of civilized life

Life simply doesn’t evolve and that’s why

Extrasolar planets ?

We see organic aminoacids in spacedust

Asteroids we know cross Polonates

With bits of Earth

There’s something very unstable

Technologically andvaced civilization

There’s too much competition

Too much artificial intelligences

Too much geopolítical competition

Uncontrollable desire

Leading nowhere

Gently wiring it to itself

Constantly against the iceberg

Who am I?

I’ll always be a smiling shithead, taking on the act, waking on the outside, stating in my head
Started with a nap
It Kicks you inside
Burns you inside
Buzzing in a slot, empty as a condom
Before you use it again, get back to the bottom
Get it in, give, take your shot

Do it t again

Dark Night

On this dark night tonight
I can see in my way
Many people

Too many demons

How come am I surprised to see them?

On the other hand
I feel like there is people
Too many but it’s too dark
And I cant see them

All around my head
This people
Dance drunkenly rhythms
They’re up early every now and then

Not everything functions perfectly
No perfection is functioning

Everyone is dead

Pó de Saturno

E toda a poeira que agarre um pequeno ardor que só em vácuo se dá, só em vácuo se dá.

Bem distante do ar, em quadros que somente se vê, o pó de Saturno que invade e deixa o vácuo a arder

Numa lufada de ar, de luvas furadas numa nave espacial, pouco sentido fazem estas meras letras aglomeradas

Fracas palavras que nada dizem, sem propósito algum a não ser tornar o ser mais limpo

Como a minha arte, estas palavras pintam-te. A nossa realidade é uma ilusão pouco colorida

Por entre os dedos escapam-se os verdadeiros significados das entrelinhas, pequenas demais para serem notadas – as minhas.

Não respiro, não propago o som;

Não é certo se tenho começo;


Não tenho fim à vista- sou monótono.

Vale mais que o que parece conseguir identificar os contornos.


Algures, bem longe da terra, numa ilha sem mar

Somente um marinheiro paira, uniforme, a flutuar o dia inteiro.

Pena é haver menos dias que noites para descobrir o Universo.

E é esse o meu único medo.

“Tear At The Fabric” Of Government 

You’ve had for years bet on both horses

Hosni was on the way out

the much-hated domestic intelligence chief

Under the surface, as a close reading of its internal cable traffic shows

“immensely corageous and a force for good”

provided a frank appraisal of his background


Never keen to back a loser

they began expanding their article to book length

They said they wanted to interview me. I agreed.

A date was set for june then

By the time June came around, there was already a lot to talk about

A capricious global system of secret loyalties, owed favors, and false consensus

“an attack on the international community” that would “tear at the fabric” of government




Set those motherfuckers down!

Threads between players snapped, leaving gaps though which decades of resentment would pour

Where the population suffered widespread poverty, unemployment and government repression, while regime favorites hosted lavish parties and looked after their friends through state department’s own internal documentation of decadence

Young fruit seller Mohamed Bouazizi, driven to despair by corrupt municipal officials, set himself on fire. In death he was transformed into a symbol, and open rebellion spilled onto the highways

All the way down



Setting those motherfuckers down!


Barret Brown, a talented young freelance journalist, had begun the investigative work into this state-security axis that would eventually land him in a US prison

“US Day Of Rage” could be heard online, the early revertebrations of the popular disenchantment that would by semptember coalesce into occupying

And setting those motherfuckers down!

We could no longer choose our battles. Fronts opened up on all sides. I had to learn to think like a general. We were at war.

Não Sei Mais Falar

Um quadro assombrado de sombra leve
Perde o som e perde-se
E assim é somente uma parte do que vejo que tem cor

Assim, bem tarde, nem sei o que dizer

É de noite
E eu não sei mais falar

Escondi uma embalagem vazia a quilómetros
E vejo pelos binóculos
Mais que o que posso explicar.

Sooner or Later

I’m gonna’ die
You’re gonna’ die

And we will vanish from each other’s reality
Sooner or later we’ll cease to exist

I will seek the worst words I can
To show I really hate this shit!

I’m gonna’ die
You’re gonna’ die
And all we see will forever cease to exist,
Sooner or later we’ll cease to resist.

I will fight with all my strength put
On everything I can to stop it!

And everyone is dying,
giving up their rights,
Nobody is occupying the streets
And, from now on, nobody will!

Rafael aka Allen Dexter


I’m afraid of what you know better than I do
Its too hard to learn, I can’t deal with it

I feel weak and empty, like a role model
And I still learn easily with vodka

Smashed or refused, too much too used, 
Feeding the machine! 
Feeling so stupid, denied by the cupid, 
Fighting the machine! 
Living on the edge of the bubble, 
Lying above each other, 
Feeding the machine! 

Cruel our manners, just schrapnels! 
Hitching the machine! 

I sware I’ll share everything with Y’all, enemies! 
I’m hard to fuck and easily amused
I’m there, I sware to pray for you all, enemies!
I’m too heavy for you to carry and use. 

Rafael aka Allen Dexter 

Justin’s Addiction For Mayonnaise

Through dust, no one
Dancing with the sun
Above the madness,
Had success

Morbid but very charmy
Inching with mold
Inside itself

Justin’s addiction for mayonnaise
Is getting back, is getting back
He spent his family’s money on his drug
Mayonnaise, mayonnaise

His mum had a dream
He was very hill
And she did care
She did care

Justin’s addiction for mayonnaise
Is killing them, killing them

Suffering mum
Gambling with her son
Feeding the magnet
Embracing his madness

He’s much more
Than that sadness
Owning his drug
Taking it for granted

Justin’s addiction for mayonnaise
Is getting back, is getting back
He spent his family’s money on his drug
Mayonnaise, mayonnaise

List Of Antidotes

There’s another list of antidotes to use
To help us reach higher pitches
Moving like turtles

The letters are gray to me,
The same to me,
As if colors were made to be
jumpin around
We better not stay
You better not stay close to me

You better leave

You better not stay

Back to the road again!

Slow down and breathe slowly

There’s time to do everything

It’s time to stop living

Just to say it’s not worth dying

Now, and once more, inside of me

remains the idea to let me be

But Suddently

I broke myself, I became empty

And this is all that is

this has become reality

yeah, I only live

Cause it’s not worth dying